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 Client Testimonials

Renz Bozeman, MT
Dear Jacob -

In follow-up to the construction of our Neville Log home, here outside of Bozeman, Vicki and I want to express our gratitude for the fine job you and your crew have done. Your experience and organization were evident through completion of this project.

We cannot say enough about your sense of dedication and the work ethic of the entire crew. Your craftsmanship stands out throughout the home, from the corner joinery to the hand-crafted rafters and floor joist logs, to the unique stairway to the loft. Your idea to use trees from our property for the floor joists, rafters and posts adds so much character to our living space.

Your resourcefulness and professionalism are very much appreciated as Vicki and I enjoy life in our log home. Thank you for all of your great ideas and for helping make our dream of a log home come true.

Ted and Vicki Renz


We constructed a Neville Log home for Ted and Vicki and Hand crafted the log roof system out of raw logs logged off of their own property.

Mangold Darby, MT
"Tim Mangold
Western Draw
PO Box 262
Conner, MT 59827

Re: Jacob Bos
Bos Log Builders
Hamilton, MT 59840

To Whom It May Concern:

After being part of the log home industry for the past 21 years, we have found it to be true that competent and honest contractors are far more scarce than one would think. Jacob Bos and Bos Log Builders are one of the rare options available in today’s industry.

We have personally worked with Jacob on multiple log and framed projects over the years. We have found his professionalism and ability to exceed any industry standards.

From simple layout and application to complicated organizational demands, we have found Jacob and his crew more than able to complete and satisfy all tasks and projects contracted to him.

Jacob’s means to an end for each project has always been extremely complete and well thought out. He leaves very little to no room for “unknowns”, as this is the achilles heel to many a customer working with today’s contractors.

We highly recommend Bos Log Builders for all your construction and design needs. Their past accomplishments speak for themselves.


Tim Mangold

We built a log home for the Mangold family and you can view photos in the photo gallery under the Mangold Residence.

Bob McCarthur Hamilton, MT
"From: Bob McArthur (406-381-8403)
Subject: Recommendation of Jacob Bos
Jacob Bos is an honest, intelligent and talented contactor and businessman. When he makes a commitment you can expect him to live up to it!
He is a good family man married to a delightful and industrious wife and he has a young son that he loves dearly.
I met Jacob several years ago when I returned to Montana and became a sales representative for Neville Log homes where I worked for 13 years. Jacob was considered by the cadre of Neville sales people as a “top gun” log contractor who they would recommend for their most important and most challenging jobs. Most of the Neville sales people had previously held management positions and were very careful about selecting the proper contractor for important jobs.
As a young man, Jacob learned to be a creative and talented log crafter and general builder from his father who taught him well. In the ensuing years, became a general contractor. On occasion two of his brothers would work Jacob on important jobs and from time to time he still has one of his brothers, who is also a talented log crafter and general contractor, assist him.
Jacob is unique because he is not only a “world class” log crafter but is also is talented general contractor and businessman who will provide you with added value throughout the job.
He has told me that you are going to build a large home that will require the integration of logs into stick construction.
I learned at Neville that homes which require that logs be integrated into stick construction are very difficult to build correctly unless you have a contractor who is fully capable to do the job.
There are several reasons that few can match Jacob’s ability to do such projects correctly and within budget:
1. Jacob and his “guys” can craft all the logs that will comprise the log package and his ability to craft beautiful logs is beyond belief. (The contractor who places the logs, crafts the logs . . .not some third party)

2. He then has the ability to properly place the crafted logs into stick construction. Without extensive experience, this is very difficult process to do correctly, the process requires many critical cuts, requires sanding, etc. Often, this process is completed on a substandard basis. Most conventional contractors without extensive log experience just can’t get this job done correctly because they don’t have the extensive “hands on” experience necessary to do it correctly.

3. And finally, he will complete the home with the same meticulous attention to detail that he did in crafting and integrating the logs.
The bottom line here is that by having Jacob responsible for all three principal areas of activity, you will eliminate:
A. Having a contractor bad mouth or blame the log provider for his mistake or error. Because Jacob is the log provider and he will be responsible for the quality of the log package. In my career at Neville, we had countless incidents where unqualified contractors destroyed log packages because they represented themselves to be qualified to stack or place logs.

B. Having subcontractors blame the contractor who is placing the logs for their mistakes or errors because of lack of meaningful experience working with logs. This is as basic as knowing how to prepare the logs with certain cuts, etc, for the electrician.
Jacob handled numerous large and complex jobs for me throughout the United States and many specialty jobs that others did not have the ability to do. Once he built and placed a custom, large diameter log bridge, designed by restoration architects, for an exclusive high-end guest ranch. On another occasion he built a beautiful large log entry for a mountain development.
In addition, he is so creative, that on many occasions he was able to correct mistakes, on the job, that were made by designers or by workers in the preparation of the log package. He saved Neville many thousands of dollars and I ended with happy customers who may not have been happy if Jacob had not been their contractor.
Jacob also placed log packages for major commercial builders who called and told me how talented how productive and how beautiful his work was. Jacob is a contractor who will provide added throughout every step of the construction process.
On almost every job where I referred Jacob, my customers made a special effort to inform how outstanding the work was that Jacob completed.
I seldom write a letter of recommendation; however in this instance and in this economy I know how important your job is to Jacob. If you would like more specific details or other information, you are welcome to call me on my cell at 406 381 8403.

Robak West Fork, MT
"Hello Jacob,
I wanted to take a moment and write you this letter in appreciation of the great job you have done for me on our new home up the West Fork Road! As you know it's very hard to find competent professional craftsman in the Bitterroot Valley. I was very impressed from day one with your level of professionalism, from the drafting of your contracts, starting the project on time, and at the timely manner you were able to complete your portion of the project. I believe you accomplish this because you were personally on-site every day directing your crew, once I saw your commitment to be on-site and your drive for quality from all your crew members, it allowed me not to be there every day. The other thing that I found very supportive was your willingness to work with me on the creative side of the project. You did not come into the project with a attitude that your way was the only way! I believe we worked well together, I sketched out what I was looking for and you very patiently figured a way, on how to build it. And you always contributed great ideas and solutions, once I realized that you had a good idea of what I was looking for, it was easy for me to turn you loose and let you be more creative. I look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely Tom Robak"

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