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 About Bos Log Builders

My name is Jacob Bos and I am the Owner of BOS LOG BUILDERS. Building log homes is my family heritage. My father started building log homes in Alaska back in the early 1970’s and must have decided he needed a bigger and better Log Home building Crew. A crew of Bos boys Joshua, Jacob, Jordan, John and Justin seemed to be just the ticket. From a young age we learned the tricks of the trade and old world Swedish Cope style of log home. In the early 1990’s our father moved the business to Montana and all of the boys eventually followed. For most of the 1990’s we built hand crafted log homes from start to finish and refined our trade learning to build different styles of log homes (dove tails, chink style, post and beam).

In 1995 our father decided he wanted out of the business and Bos Log Builders was formed. Since then we have hand crafted log homes and structures all across the country from Washington State to Florida and New York to Arizona. We have always considered heavy timber construction our specialty and have worked tirelessly to perfect our art. In addition we have constructed log packages, hand crafted log trusses for other large scale manufacturers such as Rocky Mountain Log Homes, Alpine Log Homes, Montana Idaho Log Homes, and Neville Log Homes, some of which recommended us as the best builders in the country when it came to complex roof structures.

I believe what sets us apart from other companies is that we have worked with a lot of other companies and through the years have learned what works and what doesn’t. In addition, most log companies have only one style of joinery they use in the construction of their homes. We have the ability to match any style of joinery and do it better than the companies with only one. Matching styles of joinery is critical depending on what part of the country you are building in. It is especially critial when you are constructing additions or remodels.

Handcrafting log homes is what we do and love to do. Being covered in sawdust head to toe is a perfect day. Constructing log homes is a team effort from start to finish, Architect to Owner, and everyone in between. It is extremely rewarding when you create the exact picture the Owner has had in their heads or maybe even your own head!!! In log home building there is always about 10 ways to achieve the same end result. It’s great when the whole crew agrees on how to get there. I love a good challenge and love when someone says that it can’t be done. Around here we say we can do anything and would love to prove it to you. Log home construction is rewarding to me because there is always something new to learn, and teaching someone what you have learned and seeing them do it almost as well as you could. There’s always a little competition on our jobs about who can do what better, and my brothers think they can run the chainsaw just as good as me, but they’re just kidding themselves.

Bos Log Builders feels that log homes are the greenest and most environmentally friendly homes on the planet for the reasons listed below.

 Environmentally Conscious

All our log homes are built out of dead standing timber that was either killed by the pine beetle or forest fires. Most manufactured products used in the construction of homes today are created in factories that emit countless carbons into the atmosphere and produce products that are non-biodegradable. With proper stewardship, our raw materials are a 100% renewable resource. We would love to keep doing the same thing they’ve been doing for thousands of years believe me I know, I hug and talk to them on a regular basis! Hence our self given nick name “The Original Tree Hugger”.

 Solid Work Ethic

Here at Bos Log Builder we also feel that the human body is the most environmentally friendly source of energy on the planet, and the construction of a log home requires less manufacturing and is mostly just about a lot of hard physical work, wherein that same sun that grew the tree is responsible for growing the food you ate that gave you the energy to build that log home and believe me all a log home requires is a lot of hard physical work and your own very own renewable resource. I take that back, it requires more than just hard labor but hopefully you get my point and I would be happy to discuss everything else it requires after work over an ice cold beer.

 Pride in Craftsmanship

A properly contructed log home can last for hundreds of years and provide enjoyment for many generations. If at some point during these hundreds of years though the house burns it does not put toxic fumes into the atmosphere. If at some point some one wants to reclaim the structure it can be turned into beautiful lumber. If a flood washes it down river it is almost 100% biodegradable. If it simply falls over in 500 years it will eventually turn into the dirt that another tree will sink its roots in.

Let us know how we can help you realize your log home dream!

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